African Daisy

African Daisy

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There are approximately 50 species, including 35 South Africans and the South Western Arabian Peninsula. The African pearl flower some of its varieties are around and some are semi-perennial to perennial, the leaves vary in shape depending on the type of them full edges and serrated edges.


Irrigated twice a week in the hot months and once in the cold months, the soil should be let dry between the irrigation and the other.


You need high lighting (direct sunlight in relatively hot areas).


It fully tolerates both heat and dry conditions and has the ability to adapt.


It is provided monthly with equivalent fertilizer 20-20-20 and prefers to fertilize it with fertilizer with a higher phosphorus content to give a greater flowering.
*One of the most important factors for plant success is the trimming of the plant from the dead plant to strengthen the plant and increase its productivity.