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The bamboo plant is called lucky bamboos, such as curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, Friendship bamboo, and others, and it is an easy-to-grow indoor plant, whether grown in water or soil.


Bamboo is characterized by its ability to grow with the lack of water availability, where it can grow in a vase full of gravel, with little water, it should be noted that bamboo is very sensitive to chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, so it should be irrigated with distilled water, and bamboo can be placed in a glass bowl, but this requires changing the water every week.


Bamboo plant must be kept in a position that receives indirect sunlight throughout the day to achieve optimal growth, and the direction of bamboo growth is controlled by preventing light from three sides of the plant, and highlighting the bright light on the fourth side so that the plant will grow towards the source of light, and the location of the light source is changed after a large growth, the plant continues to follow the light, leading to the appearance of curly stems.


Bamboo lives at high temperatures of 18.33-32.23°C and the plant should be kept away from air conditioning and central heating vents in order to protect it.


The bamboo plant grown in water needs to be fed with fertilizer every month, and one drop of liquid fertilizer should be put into it.