Beaucarena recurvata

Beaucarena recurvata

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Is a very wonderful plant, adding beauty to your garden, originally the deserts of Mexico, its leaves hanging carried by one leg, as it grows, its dangling leaves look like palm leaves, which is a fact not of the palm faction but its shape suggests it and has the name of the elephant leg because of the broad base at the bottom of the leg which the plant uses to store water, this property has given it the ability to withstand thirst.


Irrigation does not abound as it is enough to water every ten days in summer and every two weeks winter, because too much irrigation causes the rot of the roots and the leg, easy to take care of because it does not need watering permanently, although it is watered every ten days, it can afford to stay a whole month without irrigation.


Lover of direct sunlight.


It can withstand high temperatures, making it a suitable plant for our warm Arabian atmospheres, while cold temperatures can cause damage to the plant, it can withstand hot sunshine.


Fertilizer softened once a month only during the summer. It is mixed with perlite soil to be disjointed and well-drained.