Bonsai Ficus
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Bonsai Ficus

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Bonsai is actually a name for a special breeding method for trees. It is not a name for the plant, but we mentioned it by name to be popular with most people. Otherwise, it is a method of breeding plants inspired by the Japanese from observing nature since ancient times. In fact, any tree can be raised in a bonsai way. But under special circumstances and permanent care and a very long time.
The word "bonsai" means in Japanese: "tree in a tray." Many people think it's a kind of stunted tree. This is a mistake, as we mentioned earlier, that a tree can be breeding in the same way.


The plant is irrigated when the soil is dry and before its surface is cracked, and therefore uses a narrow-nozzle pot, pours water in batches and gives the soil the opportunity to drink again to irrigation it until it is saturated, in order to preserve the delicate soil and ensure that water reaches all the roots, and is then irrigated only when it is dry again, because too much water causes problems that are difficult to treat.


The temperature drops to 15°C to 60°F in winter, the plant is very sensitive to sudden temperature change, which causes all its leaves to fall.



Most types of this plant are tropical, so it prefers bright light filtered so that the distance between it and the window is sufficient to not reach the concentrated heat by glass (approximately two meters), and prefers to rotate the plant weekly to ensure the distribution of an equal amount of light for all parts, when choosing the right place for it make sure not to change it and prove it, because change and mobility harms the plant.