Buxus sempervirens

Buxus sempervirens

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Evergreen is generally slow to grow and is generally used in internal coordination by planting it in pots, and in external coordination by planting it in gardens. It also grows individual models over the green areas and in the basins and entrances to the various gardens and can be used as a short fence. This plant is of great importance in the internal coordination of its beautiful spherical shape, by planting it solo in pots that can be placed in large halls and rooms inside the house, where it is required to be good lighting, as placed in balconies and terraces, but its use in external coordination is to be cultivated solo in the pots distributed at the entrances
Home gardens or villa gardens.


Planting should be watered once every two days in the summer, and the interval between irrigation increases in spring and autumn, and becomes once a week or more in winter.


He prefers shady places.


Withstands moderate temperatures and the mind grows at a soil temperature of 22°C strong sunlight affecting its growth and aesthetics


Fertilizer every six months with a 20-20-20 equivalent fertilizer.