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The cactus plant knows that it is one of the easiest plants to care for and is a very suitable option to put it at home or in the office where it gives a distinctive beauty to the place where it is presented and this is due to the variety of its forms and colors.


The plant is irrigated when the soil is completely dry because the increase in irrigation leads to the plant's rot.


Putting the cactus plant in a sunny place, because placing it in dark places not reached by sunlight negatively affects the flowering of the cactus plant, bearing in mind that the cactus plant needs to be exposed to the sun from 6-8 hours a day.


Cactus withstands high and low temperatures provided that freezing temperatures do not reach.


Aloe vera needs to add fertilizer in the period when it is active
It is between the months (April-September), noting that fertilizer should be stopped during the winter because it grows slowly and will not benefit from the addition of fertilizer.
It is better to change the cactus plant's pots after purchasing it to larger and wider pots to give it more space for growth because when buying the plant it is usually small in size.