Calathea crocata
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Calathea crocata

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The Calathea is a species of Furry crocata, considered a plant that varies in the colors of its leaves and forms, some of which distinguish their leaves lines and others spots, as well as the colors of their leaves graded from green and yellow in degrees or gradient between the two colors, can be placed in sitting halls or offices.


Calathia does not need rich irrigation that is enough to water it in summer every 3 days once and once every 7-10 days in winter spraying the total vegetative in summer with water spray to provide an atmosphere of moisture and the soil should be semi-dry between the irrigation


Grows in the shade in summer and in bright winter light.


This type of calathea grows at a temperature of 18-27°C during the year. The temperature should not be less than 16°C during winter, bearing in mind that the sudden drop in temperature causes the death of the vegetative total. The plant is generally warm.


Calathea is diluted with diluted fertilizer every two weeks from spring to autumn.