Calla lily

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Calla lily is a beautiful addition to any garden but you can also grow it in the house as a plant. People love these perennials because of the variety of soft trumpet-like flowers, their stay for weeks, and their ease of care, but it is preferable to grow Calla lily from the bulbs because seed growth can take a long time. The origin of the Calla lily is from South Africa and is a tropical plant.


You don't like water much so you should let the soil dry between the water and the other.


She likes bright but indirect sunlight because she is exposed to indirect light for 6 hours a day.


The most favorable temperature is from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius (in summer 22-25, in winter from 15-18 degrees).


Feed the plant every month. Calla lily benefits from regular use of fertilizer, dilute liquid fertilizer 10-10-10 with equivalent parts of water and use it on the soil to feed the plant, repeat this every month when the plant is not inactive