Climber roses

Climber roses

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a climber or damascene rose or national rose and his scientific name Rosa Damascena, his native Syria was transferred to Europe after the Crusades and is a pink plant. It is a standing or climbing shrub ranging in height from one to three meters depending on its type and its branches are many with thorns on it
The rose plant is one of the oldest collections of ornamental plants and extracts from it a famous aromatic oil, rose oil, which is included in the perfume industry, and also its flowers are suitable for picking and live long after. The most important flowering seasons are spring and autumn.


It is moderately narrated once every 3 days in summer and 5 days in winter, do not let the soil dry between irrigation and the other, provided that good soil drainage.


He loves high lighting and can live in direct sunlight in temperate regions.


Withstands high and moderate temperatures.


In winter, organic fertilizer or low-soluble fertilizer, in summer is fertilized by NPK fertilizer with a phosphorus higher ratio because it is a flowering plant.
*One of the most important factors for plant success is the trimming of the plant from the dead plant to strengthen the plant and increase its productivity.