Coleus Carpet

Coleus Carpet

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The Coleus carpet plant is a painting of natural colors. A pinnacle of beauty and creativity. It is one of the most beautiful, famous, and knowledgeable plants for everyone. It is one of the easiest plants in agriculture and breeding. Very fast-growing perennial plants. You need more care in the winter by providing an atmosphere of warmth around it to make it last for years or it may wither and die. Carpet leaves vary in size, shape, and color.


Soil moisture should be maintained at all times.


The plant needs 22-24°C during the growing season and at least 15°C should maintain soil moisture with constant spraying of the plant.


It requires a lot of light so it should be placed in places with bright lights in winter and avoid exposure to the hot sun in summer.


It is preferable to fertilize the carpet plant with  NPK fertilizer once a month during the spring and summer to encourage the plant to grow better and to get large leaves and take into account the lack of over-fertilization because the plant does not tolerate excess fertilization.