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Some call it the Kiwi plant, named after the scientific name Cordyline terminalis and also known as Cordyline fruticosa. The old plants of it are not leafy, and large in size, but the small ones, which are sold frequently, are abundant from the bottom to the top, and their leaves come in bright and different colors of red, yellow, some of which combine these colors in its leaves, some of which are wide leaves and thin, it is worth mentioning that this plant is sometimes sold under the name Dracaena terminalis, which is a palm, and its sex includes a number of shrubs and trees permanent green.


He likes to irrigate moderately, the soil should be let dry between irrigation and the other.


He likes bright but indirect light.


The temperature should not be less than 13°C, not more than 24°C, although it is more heat-loving than cold.


Fertilizer is given 20-20-20 during spring and autumn.