Crassula ovata (Jade)

Crassula ovata (Jade)

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Crassula ovata
It is called an Arab jade (sometimes called a money plant)
Because of the similarity in the form of leaves with coins. It's a kind of succulent plant. Native to South Africa, a vast species of up to 350 species, among these plants is a few centimeters long and the other is as large as several meters
These plants are easy to grow and maintain, so they are a beautiful choice for many plant lovers. It does not require much water and can live for many years.


Allow the plant to dry before watering. Jade plants are succulents, which means that, while they need water they don't need much water.


Place the plant in a sunny area. It is necessary to keep the small plant in a sunny place, but do not put it in direct sunlight as the leaves may burn.


Keep it at room temperature, the plant prefers a slightly cooler heat in winter (about 13°C).


Once a month in the growing seasons from spring to October.

This type of plant is toxic to both dogs and cats, so if you have cats or dogs, be sure to keep the plant out of their reach or keep in mind bringing another type of plant that is not toxic to them.