Cycas Revoluta

Cycas Revoluta

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Cycas Revoluta is an originally external plant but can be successfully bred as an indoor plant with some easy conditions, and the habitat of this plant extends from Japan to Queensland, and is found in India and Madagascar, similar to palm trees and characterized by slow growth, some of its species may rise up to 15 m, when reared externally, and its slow growth is one of the factors of its success as an internal plant


The plant is irrigated when needed but does not leave to dry completely ... The dryness of the plant will result in the yellowing and death of the leaves.


The appropriate temperature (11-42° °C) but the leaves die if the temperature falls below 15 degrees.
It is important to expose the plant to direct light and if the plant near the window is recommended to turn the vessel a quarter cycle daily so that the plant does not lean towards the sun and disrupt the balance of its overall shape.
Once a month, fertilized with a 20-20-20 level fertilizer.