Cypressus sempervirens

Cypressus sempervirens

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Cypress trees belong to the coniferous family, which are mostly large trees that can be up to 15-30 m high, with evergreen leaves in the form of small sheets piled on top of each other, under which oval buds hide. Flowers are a single-sex and dwelling party. These trees carry spherical aquaza, consisting of 6-14 wooded pits with a small protrusion on the back, carrying seeds of different shapes and their growth is slow and aromatic wood.

Turkey is home to cypress trees and is abundant in temperate climates.


He likes to moderate irrigation should let the soil dry between irrigation and the other.


He likes direct lighting should be exposed to the sun from 6-8 hours a day.


It tolerates high and low temperatures and is considered a resistant plant.


It is fertilized monthly with a 20-20-20 equivalent fertilizer.