Dracaena deremensis hawaiian sunshine

Dracaena deremensis hawaiian sunshine

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This plant named scientifically Dracaena deremensis hawaiian sunshine and its native habitat in Africa, Central America, and Asia. This beautiful type of dracaena is the result of a change in the genetics of another type of dracaena. Our Hawaiian Sunshine is a chunky variety of longitudinal growth, so it can be placed in tight spaces to fill and sentence the place as its leaves naturally shine to show two strips of dark and light green. It reaches approximately 1.8 meters in length.


It is after the top surface of the soil is dried only and does not irrigate profusely so that the soil is very moist so the roots rot and the leaves are damaged and the plant dies. It is preferable to spray their leaves with water to provide moisture, remove dust and insects and wipe them with a wet rag.


It needs normal lighting, high-light freshness, and bears the least light like other types of school.


Withstand high temperatures up to 30°C. It also adapts to normal room temperature.


Fertilizer after purchasing the plant is not necessary for several months and is already not required for it, and when fertilized make sure to fertilize it in summer and spring once a year with a fertilizer diluted from what is written on the can because fertilizer at the normal dose may burn the roots and kill the plant.