Felicia Daisy

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A plant around winter in the sense of cultivating the plant growing and blooming in less than a year i.e. the life of the plant ends, dies and is replanted in the time of agriculture, the plant is short its length 23 cm, its leaves are dark green, it's radial flower multicolored, blue, violet, the plant prefers direct sunny sites and is cultivated in the permanent site for use as plant identification or in rocky, private and public gardens.


It's moderately watered, the soil should be dried between irrigated and other.


He loves bright lighting and can live under direct sunlight.


Withstands different high and low temperatures, it's enduring frost.


In winter, organic fertilizer or low-melt fertilizer is fertilize, in the summer fertilizer NPK fertilizerd, the phosphorus ratio is higher because it is a flowering plant.