Ficus Benjamina
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Ficus Benjamina

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The Ficus Benjamina is also called a dragon, is an external and indoor ornamental plant, it is a kind of many types of ficus, what distinguishes the  Ficus Benjamina plant that has leaves of a very bright green color which suggests to the viewer that he sees a plant decoration of the plastic-type and not of the natural-type.


It is irrigated during the summer twice a week and during winter once a week to allow the soil to dry a little, so know that the Ficus Benjamina does not need large amounts of water.


The plant needs a bright filter light throughout the year.


Needs a normal temperature or what we call room temperature, and the temperature should not be less than 15 degrees during winter


The plant is supplied once or twice a month and in the spring with its date of flowering once a week. Be sure to use compost that contains a lot of nutrients that help feed the plant.