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Geranium is an outdoor and perennial plant, one of the world's favorite home plants, found in every garden because it is an old plant and easy to care for and multiplication, and this plant has been improved to become more beautiful and colors assorted and small and suitable sizes, and these improvements encouraged people to cultivate it and take care of it. There are several types, the most important of which are the dangling or creeping baking and the existing baking (up to 50 cm high and more), and are cultivated in-ground or suspended or directly in the garden, and this plant is evergreen and blooms in spring and summer and some species bloom along the year depending on the climate of the region, and this plant is characterized by the diversity of colors of its flowers where you find of each color several different degrees.


It is frequently irrigated in the summer and the soil should be let dry between irrigation and the other, less irrigation in winter.


She loves high lighting and can live in direct sunlight.


The plant needs high temperatures in the day and cold at night, that the degree is not less than 6 degrees Celsius in winter.


The plant needs to fertilize during spring and summer at a rate every two weeks once.