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Guzmania lingulata minor of flowering pots plants. This sex comprises a group called Prometheus. Native to the rainforests of South America, it is cultivated for the beauty of its striking flower peaks, and the multiplicity of floral colors that usually appear in summer but can be pushed to blossom constantly through the use of growth organizations. The height of the Guzmania is about 15 cm.



It is irrigated in moderation does not let the soil dry completely between irrigation and the other, and prefers to spray its leaves with a sprinkler once every day in the summer and once every two days in winter to maintain moisture and avoid the arrival of water for the flower.


He prefers strong lighting but not direct sunlight and avoids putting it behind the window because this leads to the burning of his leaves.


The temperature is not less than 15 degrees and humidity is the ideal condition for the plant in summer, the flower is comfortable at 25°C, in winter, the temperature should not fall below 15 degrees Celsius. It is important to not leave low temperature, otherwise, the guzmania will be in danger.


Once a month from February to October