Hoya carnosa

Hoya carnosa

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Heart candle plant
Waxflower or wax plant or huia and its scientific name Hoya carnosa. The Huia is a fast-growing climbing plant that needs a pillar to wrap, flowering in summer, with thick waxy leaves, native to southern China to tropical Australia, and the genus Huia includes about 200 species of evergreen climbers and extensions, and the most common lye as an indoor ornament, hoya bella, and Hoya carnosa, these varieties differ in color, floral size, and smell.


Irrigate in moderation and leave the soil until it tends to dry before the next irrigation.


She likes direct sunlight except in summer.


She lives at room temperature.


Once a year, except for winter, over-fertilization during the flowering season may stop the flowering process, losing the beauty and fragrant smell of flowers.

*At the beginning of the flower buds are preferable not to move the plant elsewhere, and it is advisable not to change the pots except for the utmost necessity.