Imperata cylindrical
Imperata cylindrical
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Imperata cylindrical

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This herb is one of the important medicinal herbs in the healing of many problems and diseases, it has received many benefits in prophetic medicine and alternative, because of its leaves and flowers many therapeutic and healing properties, and there are many common names for this plant, the most important of which is "The Plant of Halfa Bar" and "Camel herb" and "Mecca straw", this plant can be defined as a perennial herb with an aromatic scent, small in size as it does not exceed one meter in length and width not more than three centimeters, and its leaves are rough in texture and striped, branched in a form Prolific from the base of the plant, its flowers are red surrounded by fine flowers, and the fruits of this plant are similar to the fruits of wheat grains and hooks. This plant belongs in its type to the genitourinary species, which is characterized by its bitter taste, where it prevails widely and largely in the gravel valleys, mountain slopes, and water banks in many regions of the Arab world, North Africa, Pakistan, India and throughout the year, and can benefit from the leaves of this plant in all cases, whether distasted, boiled or in the form of preparation or oil.


Watered in moderation should let the soil dry between irrigation and watering.


It should be placed in apricot space and likes to be exposed to direct sunlight.


Withstands relatively high and cold temperatures.


Approximately every month, 20-20-20 fertilizer.