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Kentia is also called howea belmoreana with feathery leaves and thin green stems, of beautiful interior plants that bear drought and lack of care excellently in addition to their beautiful shape which adds to the place a natural green beauty touch, and its edges are covered with wild and flowery (bristles). The kentia palm can grow up to more than two meters if proper care is provided. Knowing that they bear difficult household conditions.


Irrigation is mild in summer and less winter, moisture-loving, especially when it is extremely hot and preferably sprayed with water spray from time to time.


She likes bright light filters away from direct sunlight.


The temperature is borne up to 16°C and it is advisable not to be at least this degree knowing that it can withstand up to 12°C but will be at the expense of good growth.


The plant is provided with fertilizer 20-20-20 during the summer.