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The heart plant of Abdul Wahab or Pothos is considered the plant pots of the most beautiful and famous indoor plants, fast-growing, easy to reproduce, easy to take care of, evergreen even if it remains in low degrees of light, its leaves shiny and soft take the shape of the heart, beautiful in this plant can be raised to grow more than one form related or can put a stick in the pots and thus grow vertically, or can be cultivated in a high place and make its leaves drooping, many different types of The leaves, there's something that's all green, and there's green with gold or green with white.


The Pothos watered normally, but make the soil dry a little before you water it again.


It needs indirect bright light in summer and can be exposed in winter to direct sunlight.


Pothos is a plant that carries a temperature up to 30°C and a low temperature of up to 15°C.


He doesn't like fertilization very much, he prefers to add manure to him in spring and summer in a moderate way once a month.
*Eating Pothos can cause vomiting and irritation in pets and children due to their containment of calcium oxalate.
Pet owners should be careful!