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The rose is a woody flowering plant of the rosa genus of the flower family called Rosacea, and these plants are either in the form of small or large shrubs or climbing shrubs that may be up to seven meters high, and their stems are often filled with sharp ceramics or similar thorns, and the rose varies in shape, size, and color, usually large and cheerful, and is widely cultivated for its beauty and fragrant smell,
Rose miniature roses are Rosa damascene but are raised to grow with a specific length and imported from the regions of Europe.


It is moderately narrated once every 3 days in summer and 5 days in winter, do not let the soil dry between irrigation and the other, provided that good soil drainage.


She loves bright light and direct sunlight in non-summer.


Dwarf gore is a cold-loving plant 10 to 20 degrees Celsius.


In winter, organic fertilizer or low-soluble fertilizer, in summer is fertilized by NPK fertilizer with a phosphorus higher ratio because it is a flowering plant.
*One of the most important factors for plant success is the trimming of the plant from the dead plant to strengthen the plant and increase its productivity.