Schefflera arboriecola

Schefflera arboriecola

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The Schefflera arboriecola plant includes many types of this plant, which is very branched, and there are several varieties different according to the color of its leaves and grows in a standing form, where its height can reach the ceiling of the room, its leaves are a helicopter-shaped vehicle ranging from 7 to 16 and a fine.


A moisture-loving plant so it should be sprayed with water spray regularly. After drying up the top surface of the soil by 2-3 cm.


The plant is a lover of bright light filtering away from direct sunlight.


Average to warm room temperatures 18-27 °C. This tropical plant does not like either hot or cold air currents - it may be protested by getting rid of its leaves. Keep the Schefflera away from the windows and cold doors in winter, as well as the currents resulting from the air conditioning or air conditioning vents.


Fertilization once every 15 days or once a month in summer and spring. In winter and autumn, if the growth is good, it's once every two months.