The aloe vera

The aloe vera

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The aloe vera is also called a hair cactus. His scientific name is Aloe barbadensis. A succulent plant that is easily raised and grows up to about 45 cm, and grows in dry areas in most parts of the world, its leaves are sharp and there are several species. The plant is grown for decoration in rock gardens.
His juiciest is used to treat burns. Especially burns resulting from prolonged exposure to sunlight. A piece of it is taken, broken and the resulting liquid is placed from the breakage on the affected area, the pain is greatly alleviated. It is also grown to take advantage of its hair care fluid.


Watered once or twice a month, the soil should be let dry between irrigation and the other.


Aloe vera needs sunlight to grow, but harsh sunlight can sometimes damage its leaves.


Withstands the relatively cold hot weather.


It's preferred to fertilize it with level-edited liquid fertilizer. in the spring it should be half the amount mentioned on the fertilizer can, with no increase in manure because it may harm the aloe vera.