Tillandsia cyanea

Tillandsia cyanea

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Tillandsia is also called the pink feather and its scientific name is Tillandsia cyanea. Tillandsia is a plant characterized by rough leaves capable of extracting moisture from the air. In summer, it blooms on an attractive blue floral cluster with a triple-petite flower. The plant grows up to about 20 cm, and there are several varieties of different species in shape, color, and nature of the environment in which they live, the tillandsia flowers do not last long, but the cone-lined cannabis swells last for several weeks and are colored from green to pink-red.


Very moisture-loving so it is preferable to spray their leaves continuously, and place them on a tray containing constantly wet pebbles to take advantage of its vapor. It is only irrigated when the soil is semi-dry, and it is repeated but in small quantities.


She likes bright light and prefers to expose her to direct sunlight in winter, not in the summer that just exposes her to filtered light.


Preferably not exposed to temperatures below 18°C.


Once a month in the summer and winter.