Tradescantia pallida
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Tradescantia pallida

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The macaloe or tradescantia is an external plant of its other names, and is miserable. Its scientific name tradescantia pallida belong to the Akbites group and one of its most widespread species includes Zebrina and Callisia and is grown as a defining or suspended plant and can be raised as an internal plant, native to the tropics of America.
The machine or tradescantia is characterized by rapid growth and lack of care. It blooms all year round but at intervals and its flowers are small in size and maybe white, violet or pink and are considered to be soil-covered plants.


Watered profusely, the soil should be made dry between irrigation and water.


He prefers shady places.


A wide range of temperatures is tolerated provided that the night temperature does not fall below 13 m.


It is supplied with even fertilizer dissolved in water once a month to obtain a fresh plant.